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We understand financing can be one of a homeowner’s biggest worries when considering a solar system installation. It’s important to remember that a solar system installation is an investment debt, not a luxury purchase. A solar system only appreciates over time. The lenders that focus on U.S. homeowners buying solar systems finance it 100% in open loans that use simple interest and require a 650 credit score to qualify.

The credit score requirement works on a pass/fail basis - homeowners won’t see better rates for better credit scores. It’s clean, it’s easy and the advantage is in your court as going solar is an investment that’s being collectively encouraged.

While most lenders look for a 650 credit score or higher, some lenders will allow you to recruit help - even from those who are not on your deed or do not live at your address but are willing to help you secure solar energy. In some instances, this means you’ll be able to loop in a friend or a relative that has no ties to your property and this person can help you secure financing. The loan will still be in the name of the homeowner, but the homeowner qualifies with the help of a third party.

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