Solar Panel Installation For The Orlando/Space Coast Area

The secret is in our service. See why we’re the best solar panel company in Central Florida. 

Richard Harper
Richard Harper
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If you want honest decent people working with you to go solar, The Solar Professionals are it! I was so inspired by Marks vision. One of the very first things he told me was put people first and the rest will follow and I vibe with that philosophy
Patricia Brodeur
Patricia Brodeur
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From start to finish, everyone has been so informative, helpful, responsive, and friendly. Mark, our salesman is one of the most professional and helpful representatives we had the pleasure of dealing with. The folks in the office have been great too. I highly recommend them.
R. Robinson
R. Robinson
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I met Mark after seeing an ad on Facebook. He drove 2 1/2 hours to meet with me. He spent 7 hours of his time telling me about the solar panel financing and installation. Then, Corona Virus happened. When we were able to get going again, Mark chose a company that was excellent. In between storms, they put up 21 panels in two days.

Solar Panel Installation Is For All Homeowners

For Orlando & Space Coast homeowners, for payers of electric bills, for freedom from utility companies, for a better future.

Choosing solar energy means your home will generate its own electricity for generations to come. No matter your situation, if you’re an Orlando or Space Coast homeowner who pays an electric bill, you can only benefit from turning to solar energy. Gone are the days of being in the hands of monopolistic energy companies. No longer will you write a check and see no return. 

Why Is Solar Installation in Florida Increasingly Popular?

Solar panel installation is an investment debt, not a luxury purchase. When you drive a new car off the lot, the value depreciates. A solar system only appreciates over time. Homeowners can see a return of 70 cents on the dollar when they choose to install a solar system, while a return on paying an electric bill is zero.

Save Money

Control Future Cost

Increase Home Value

Help The Environment

Solar Panel Installation For Orlando & Space Coast Is Easy

We make it easy on you to book a meeting and get your Orlando home’s solar panel project started. Just call or book today, get a consultation, and then you’re on your way to a bright investment in clean energy!

Why We are passionate About Solar Panel Installation

Humans utilize the earth’s resources – often to its detriment.

Turning toward a renewable, clean source – for both you and the very thing that supports our existence – is simple, and brings benefits far more personal than the big picture idea of a better future for everyone. But who doesn’t like the idea of a better future?

roof with solar panels

Solar Energy Is 20x easier on the planet than coal

While CO2 is emitted in the production of solar panels, it takes but six months for a solar system to produce the energy required to clear the carbon dioxide emitted during production. On the same note, solar energy is estimated to be around 20x easier on the planet than coal. Our passions lie in the wellbeing of humanity and the earth, but we will always put you first.

You can make a difference In Your Orlando Home's Value

One solar system installed on one home helps everyone – especially you.

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