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A Guide to Wall-Mounted Solar Panels

Are you interested in using solar energy to power your home? Are you looking for alternatives to roof solar panels? Since solar panels cannot always be installed on your roof for various reasons, there are a few alternatives: ground-mount systems and wall-mounted solar panels. Wall-mounted panels are a great addition to your home or business if you are looking to make the switch to solar, but you don’t want to penetrate your roof or use vacant yard space. Below is The Solar Professionals guide to wall-mounted systems to help you determine if they are the correct choice for you and your home.

Installing a Wall-Mounted System

Wall-mounted solar panels are typically installed as modules on a south-facing wall of your home or business due to the fact that they already have setbacks when it comes to energy absorption. Because wall-mounted solar panels have high slopes even if tilted, their energy absorption is most successful when the sun is lowest in the sky.

Wall-mounted solar panels can be arranged in modules parallel to a wall, tiled away from a wall, or installed on an awning that overhangs. When choosing between the three it is best to pick the option that maximizes solar absorption.

Vertical solar panel installation requires unique gear due to the naturally steep slopes of the walls they are mounted on. Additionally, due to the steepness of walls, wall-mounted panels are much harder to install than traditional roof solar panels. Special hardware and strong fastening are essential for installation to minimize damage, displacement, and potentially life-threatening accidents since wall-mounted systems work against gravity to stay upright.

Do Wall-Mounted/Vertical Solar Panels Produce Less Electricity?

Depending on where you live, wall-mounted panels tend to produce less energy than roof and ground-mounted systems. Wall-mounted panels generally generate more electricity during the winter months due to the fact that the sun is low in the sky allowing more direct sunlight to hit the panels. Conversely, roof and ground-mounted solar panels produce more energy during the summer because the sun is higher in the sky. This causes more direct sunlight to fall on slightly sloped solar panels rather than the highly sloped vertical ones.

Solar Power World conducted a study comparing roof-mounted and wall-mounted panels in New York, Florida, and Alaska. Not surprisingly, the solar energy production gap changed dramatically based on geography. The production gap was 30% in New York, 56% in Florida, and just 10% in Alaska. Therefore, geographical location should play a large role in deciding what type of panels are best for your home.

Cost of Wall-Mounted Solar Panels

The cost of wall-mounted panels themselves is very similar to the price of traditional roof and ground-mounted panels. But, due to the fact that wall-mounted panels require specialized hardware, it is natural to expect much higher installation costs. Higher installation prices make for a higher overall solar panel system investment.

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