Solar Pergola

Solar Pergolas: Should You Consider One?

Are you interested in using solar energy to power your home? Does your home have certain limitations that you feel will prevent you from enjoying the benefits of switching to solar? Certain structural factors may prevent you from Installing solar panels on your roof, but that shouldn’t stop you from benefiting from solar as a whole. A solar pergola or gazebo could put your concerns to rest. This article will discuss the benefits associated with solar pergolas and the instances when a solar pergola may be a solution for bringing solar energy to your home.

What is a Solar Pergola?

Solar pergolas or gazebos are becoming more popular as an alternative method to generating solar energy where the rooftop is insufficient or unsuitable to meet the homeowner’s needs. A solar pergola is a shade structure designed with an integrated solar energy system. Solar pergolas can generate some or all of the energy your home needs while creating a beautiful, shaded space for entertaining. You can add solar panels to an existing structure (pergolas, gazebos, canopies, and carports) or can purchase a pergola that is already equipped with solar panels.

When a Rooftop is Insufficient

Installing the proper solar energy system to your roof is the most cost-effective method for bringing solar energy to your home, but not all properties are well-suited. Some of these challenges may include:

  • Insufficient roof sizing/lack of surface area to install panels.
  • Excessive shading from trees or other obstacles (removing such structures may be costly or unwanted).
  • The roof structure and materials are old and need to be replaced before solar panel installation.
  • Roof design including pitch or obstacles such as gables and vents prevents proper installation of panels.
  • The electricity needs of the home cannot be met exclusively by rooftop-mounted panels, so additional panels need to be added elsewhere.
  • The homeowner simply prefers to use a solar pergola rather than equipping their roof with panels.

Advantages of Solar Pergolas

Deciding to use a solar pergola to provide energy for your home has several advantages. Because solar pergolas are essentially the same as a ground-mounted system, the design offers many of the same freedoms and flexibility. The advantages of solar pergolas include:

  • Solar pergolas offer a solution to homeowners that have limitations based on the design and pitch of their roofs. 
  • They are extremely customizable. An unlimited visual appeal is made possible with a range of available colors, styles, and sizes.
  • They improve the home’s overall aesthetics while offering the functional purpose of providing energy.
  • Solar pergolas work great in conjunction with roof-mounted panels if additional ways to harness the sun’s power are needed.
  • All associated costs are subject to solar incentives and tax credits due to the fact that they are technically a mounted system.
  • Solar pergolas open up design and solar capacity options. It is easier to locate and size a solar energy system on adjacent land compared to a rooftop.


Overall, when deciding to install a solar energy system, you should consider a solar pergola or gazebo as one of your options. Solar pergolas are a great alternative to roof-mounted systems if the design and pitch of your roof limit you. Solar pergolas are an aesthetically pleasing, affordable solution to harnessing solar energy to power your home.

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