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Enphase Enlighten: What Is It?

Does your home use an Enphase energy system? Are you interested in tracking and monitoring the performance of your system to ensure that it is operating as efficiently as possible? Enphase Enlighten is an application that comes standard with every Enphase microinverter system and allows owners to remotely monitor and track the performance of their system in real-time. Simply put, Enphase Enlighten is the world’s most advanced solar monitoring tool. This article will discuss what the app is, how it works, the features it has, and the key advantages of using it.

What is Enphase Enlighten Monitoring?

Enlighten monitoring enhances solar energy systems by adding control and reliability to the system ownership experience. Enlighten is built into Enphase microinverters and provides users with operational efficiency data and predictive maintenance information. The Enphase Enlighten system provides all past and current data including the amount of energy generated and used, as well as tips to identify problems, minimize usage, and maximize efficiency.

How Does Enphase Enlighten Monitoring Work?

Enphase microinverters are linked to each panel and transmit data to the Enphase Envoy communications gateway. The gateway then simultaneously sends the data to the Enlighten software and shares the solar power generation information through conventional power lines.

From this point, homeowners can monitor their system using the Enlighten mobile app, which will guarantee that everything is operating properly while providing all of the statistics on how much power is being generated/used.

What Are the Features of the App?

Unique features of the Enlighten monitoring app include:

  • Regular Monitoring – Continuously monitors and compares each panel’s output to identify manufacturing faults
  • Analysis – Evaluates system performance deficiencies, provides a reason for the issue, and suggests action to correct the problem
  • Insights – Provides real-time notifications, charts, infographics, and trendlines

What are the Key Advantages of Using Enphase Enlighten?

There are several advantages of using Enphase Enlighten monitoring for your home’s energy system. These benefits include:

  • Dashboard for Real-time Reporting – Enphase Enlighten monitoring system offers a simple dashboard that outlines energy output and input metrics.
  • Historical Data – The Enlighten app integrates data recording to keep a record of previous days, weeks, and months of power generation, providing detailed information on where your electricity comes from, where it goes, and when.
  • Comprehensible Statistics – App developers understood that the app had to be easy to use and helpful for consumers. Users appreciate the software’s clear, effective style, which makes the data charts easily understandable for everyone.


The Enphase Enlighten App is a powerful companion to any Enphase energy system. The Enlighten app provides all past and current data including the amount of energy generated and used, as well as tips to minimize usage, identify problems, and maximize efficiency. If you use an Enphase system in your home, utilizing the app will ensure that you get the most out of your home solar product.

If you have any questions about switching to solar or about the Enphase Enlighten app, contact The Solar Professionals! One of our trained professionals is always happy to help with all of your solar needs. Call us today at 321-234-4919

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